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On this page you will find information about who RailCowGirl is and what she is doing. For any questions, please check the FAQ page to see if you can find your answer there. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.

This website was made for people interested in trains and railways in Norway. We hope you will find what you’re looking for on this website. For railway nerds and for everyone else who wants to learn and get to know Norway a bit better. (Please note that we are planning more topics on the website, so check again later if there’s something you miss reading about.)

Who is RailCowGirl?

RailCowGirl runs one of the most popular and fastest growing “train driver’s view” channels on YouTube.

What is “train driver’s view”? It is when the train driver/engineer shows you their view from their cab. This is extremely popular, and viewers come from all corners of the world. Some people use the videos to relax, others as background sounds while they are working. Some come to chat with friends in the live stream, and some people even use the videos to help them sleep.

RailCowGirl is a female train driver based in Voss, Norway. She shows you her views from her cab while driving trains on the Bergen line. You will also find videos from the Flåm line, and occasionally other lines in Norway.

Up until 31st August 2021 she worked for Vy (previously NSB), who operates passenger trains on the Bergen- and Flåm lines. On 1st September 2021 she started working for Green Cargo, operating cargo trains. When Green Cargo pulled out of Norway and had their last day of operation on 31st January 2023, RailCowGirl started working for a small freight company named OnRail from 1st February 2023. This is the company she currently works for.

On the RailCowGirl YouTube channel, you will find videos from all seasons and all kinds of weather conditions. From the stormy conditions on the mountain to the early spring in Flåm. You can also find some 360º-videos too. Some of the videos have side views so you can experience what the passenger views look like.

When contacting RailCowGirl, please keep in mind that she has a 100% position in her job as a train driver. The channel and everything that comes with, she’s doing all in her time off. In periods it might take some time between new videos are posted, or for you to get a reply to your message. The aim is to reply to everyone, though. But please be patient, thank you.

How it started

RailCowGirl started working as a train driver based in Oslo back in 2007. She started recording and posting a few videos from her work, but they were mostly random and not consistently. She wanted to share her videos because she wanted others to see the same beautiful landscapes for themselves. Not everyone has an office view as good as this!

RailCowGirl’s first video tagged with train driver’s view was a grey spring day from Halden to Oslo, posted in March, 2014.

When she moved to Vestland in 2015 and started working on the Bergen line and Flåm line, the filming and editing became more frequent, and her channel grew bigger every month.

In August 2020 RailCowGirl hit 100.000 subscribers on YouTube, and only a few months later, in November, she had reached 200.000 subscribers. At the launch of the website, on 1st September 2021, there were 338.000 subscribers, and still growing.

On the 3rd January 2024 the channel reached 500.000 subscribers.

Reaching 100K subscribers and Unboxing Silver Creator Award.

About the website

On railcowgirl.com you will find more in depth information than on the YouTube profile or in any of the social media channels. You will find answers to the most frequent questions that RailCowGirl gets asked, and with time there will also be more information about the Bergen line and the trains and locomotives (historical facts, technical facts, etc.).

If you are slightly interested in railways, history and Norwegian geography, the goal is that you’ll find something of interest on these pages. And if there is something you would like to know but can’t find here, it would be great if you will take the time to send us a message.

Thanks for your interest, for watching the videos, for commenting and keeping in touch!

Thanks and enjoy,


This page was updated: 9.June 2023